This agreement is an agreement between GMS INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD website ("GMS" or "us") and you ("Customer" or "you").

The customer agreement together with the terms and conditions described in the commercial terms of GMS (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") applies to the account opened by the customer with GMS (collectively the "Account"), and is intended to explain that the customer conducts foreign exchange spot transactions including foreign exchange, metals, commodities , CFD transactions (collectively referred to as "transactions") including indices and listed stocks, as well as instructions for customers to log in to GMS websites, trading platforms, exercise account service rights, and receive administrative support included in GMS. All transactions shall be conducted in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement, and any additional terms duly authorized in writing by the GMS supervisor or government shall also be observed and enforced.

You are certain that you understand the conditions for trading Spot Forex and CFDs and accept them. At the same time, please read the agreement carefully before opening an account and confirm that you agree to all terms and conditions of opening an account. If you don't understand or disagree, please contact our customer service team online customer service. Eligible Account

Some GMS accounts and services are only available to specific customers for their eligibility to open an account with us. If we determine that you are not eligible, we will have the right to transfer all your balances and positions to a new eligible account at any time after careful consideration without prior notice to you. Your account will be subject to the terms of the new account. We provide "execute only" services and do not provide transaction-related advice. You bear all risks of the transaction. Risk Warning Tips describe the main risks of foreign exchange spot and CFD trading, but they cannot include all of their trading risks.

GMS requires you to provide information on the history and experience of investment transactions in order to assess the rationality of foreign exchange spot and CFD transactions for you. GMS will not be able to make a reasonable assessment for you if you do not provide it.

You warrant that the information provided to us is true and reliable, including the documents and other information you provide to us. If the information changes, please inform us in writing. If a copy of the document is provided to us by electronic transmission such as email or telex, it means that you guarantee that the document provided by this transmission method is faithful to the original document. If you violate this guarantee, it means that by default you allow GMS the right to close all open trades and close your account in accordance with clause 8.3. The agreement reached between GMS and the customer is as follows: Agreement scope and definition 1.1 "This Agreement" means the GMS commercial terms, customer agreement, and attachments, including but not limited to risk warnings, terminology applicable to specific transactions, and attachments including stop-loss orders applicable to different trading platforms. 1.2 GMS may modify this agreement in accordance with Clause 14.2. Account 2.1 The Client designates GMS to open an account with GMS in its name. The Client acknowledges and accepts that, unless otherwise agreed in writing by the parties, the account amount will be in USD. 2.2 The Client warrants and promises that it will only operate on its own behalf and will not operate on behalf of other people or entities. All transactions will represent only the client's own interests. 2.3 The customer is the only person or entity authorized or permitted to enter the account for transactions. If the client appoints an agent, the client hereby acknowledges that he will be fully responsible for all transactions of the agent. GMS or its partners, directors, supervisors, managers, agents or employees, whether or not within the authority of the agent, will not be held responsible for such acts or omissions. 2.4 If there is more than one client, all of them will be jointly responsible for the client's obligations under the agreement. In such cases (unless otherwise agreed in writing between GMS and the customer), withdrawals from the account (according to clause 5.1) require a signature confirmation from the owner recognized by the customer. Transaction 3.1 You will be a user of the GMS trading platform. Specific terms applicable to the platform will be defined in Annex 4. You can conduct transactions through the trading platform or other mobile platforms published by GMS to customers (such as Annex 4). All transactions performed by the customer are the sole responsibility of the customer, bear all risks and expenses, and are subject to the terms of the agreement. We reserve the right to modify them in due course. 3.2 GMS does not guarantee that the Client's transaction or all transactions will be executed at a specific price, but will make the best efforts to execute. We may reject your transaction request after careful consideration and without notifying you, especially if we have reason to believe that your transaction will violate any account credit or transaction restrictions set by GMS, or that the transaction will violate Any terms and regulations of this agreement that apply to GMS, customers, accounts or transactions. 3.3 The client hereby makes the following commitments: (i) GMS plays the role of executor in the transaction process; (ii) GMS will not provide advice services to the client; (iii) GMS will try to follow the client's wishes and use appropriate (Iv) GMS does not create any agency or fiduciary relationship with the client in the agreement unless it reaches the extent required by the laws and terms applicable to GMS or the account. 3.4 If the customer does not close the foreign exchange or CFD transaction before 4:00 pm EST on the trading day, GMS will automatically deliver its transaction rollover to the next value date, and the interest rate difference, transaction direction and Any deposits or other fees incurred in the account will be adjusted accordingly. If the funds in the account do not reach the interest rate adjustment amount, then we will have the right to close the previous open positions or call you to call a margin call in accordance with clause 4.3. 3.5 Under normal circumstances, GMS gives the bid and ask prices. For spot foreign exchange transactions, these prices come from the interbank foreign exchange market. For CFD transactions, these prices come from the prices of securities, commodities and other products traded on the market. The difference between a lower selling price and a higher buying price is the "spread". For some transactions, the spread can fluctuate at any time. GMS reserves the right to change the spread without notice to the customer. 3.6 GMS's quotation was made by GMS after due consideration. Customers can only trade at the current pricing of GMS. After the price is quoted and the customer accepts the price and trades, the price may change at any time. See clauses 11.2.2 and 11.2.3 below. 3.7 Through careful consideration, GMS may provide you with "market execution" services after giving notice. So all your trades will be executed at the "market price" and not at the price shown on the screen as you requested. When the price fluctuates violently or the transaction volume is large, your transaction may be delayed and will be executed at the next best price. Stop / limit orders may also be affected by this. 3.8 There is a maximum limit for transactions conducted by customers, which are set by GMS after careful consideration, and GMS will give notification notices through the trading platform. 3.9 We follow the instructions, requests and notices (whether written or otherwise) given by you or an individual authorized by you to carry out the activity. 3.10 Our offer may encounter errors. Without prejudice to us or your rights under ordinary law, neither we nor you (whether we confirm or not) should be misled by the wrong price that you and I knew at the time of the transaction. 3.11 Whenever, for whatever reason, you are unable to contact us, we will not be responsible for any losses, injuries or costs incurred, except as a result of our errors and delays. 3.12 In order to maintain sufficient qualifications on the GMS trading platform, you agree that you will not conduct any transactions on our platform related to our definition of scalping. GMS defines scalping as a trading strategy that uses Internet delays, price delays due to technical issues or other conditions, or buy and sell orders to enter the market at about the same time to make a profit. 4. Margin requirements 4.1 In order to trade in the account, the client must ensure that there is sufficient margin in the account, and the amount of the margin is determined by GMS after careful consideration. It is the client's responsibility to ensure that margin requirements are met at every transaction. 4.2 When the account is open, the first margin deposit made by the customer into the account shall not be less than the minimum amount prescribed by GMS and notified to the customer. The deposit can be made by bank transfer or other methods agreed between the parties. The deposit and subsequent deposits, profits and losses from current open and closed contracts, interest from daily rollovers, and commissions can be considered as evidence of transactions in this account. 4.3 GMS may change the minimum margin requirement after careful consideration, or add a margin call to the customer, requiring the customer to deposit successive deposits. After receiving the request from GMS, the client should deposit the deposit into the corresponding account. 4.4 Please note that we do not accept any third party payments. Similarly, we will not pay your account funds to any third party. 4.5 If the client fails to deposit the deposit, deposit or other transaction costs in a timely manner, GMS may close all open contracts without notifying you. 5. Client withdrawals and account closure 5.1 The customer may request GMS to allow withdrawals from the account. When calculating the withdrawal amount, GMS will consider the balance of the requested withdrawal account and whether there is a deficit in other accounts under the customer's name, minus the transaction credit limit of all accounts (provided by GMS, only for transactions). For the avoidance of doubt, if one account has a positive balance and any other account has a deficit, then the customer can withdraw funds from the account with a positive balance minus the total deficit of the customer's other accounts. All withdrawals must be made in writing, in a format we accept. Without prejudice to the rights and interests of the GMS of this agreement, GMS shall transfer the excess amount after deducting any bank and other transfer fees within 7 business days of receiving the client's written withdrawal instruction (if any, GMS as the case may be The right to deal with it alone). In order to avoid suspicion, any transfer made by GMS is subject to the following relevant laws and regulations: (i) including but not limited to anti-money laundering law, tax deduction requirements of the tax department, and relevant laws and regulations of the foreign exchange department to control foreign currency transfer restrictions; ii) The client issues all confirmation documents required by GMS. 5.2 If the customer wishes to take the excess amount (as explained in 5.1 above) and close the account, the customer must notify GMS. After GMS makes the transfer in accordance with the instructions (if any), GMS will close the account in accordance with Article 10 of the Terms. Any remaining amount to cover the deficit will be allocated to the account in which the deficit occurred. 6. Fees and commissions 6.1 Before you participate in any transaction, we will reach an agreement with you on the amount of commissions and fees and list them on the statement. Commissions and fees may change without notice to you. 7. Compensation 7.1 Neither GMS nor its partners, directors, supervisors, employees or agents shall be liable for any loss or debt directly or indirectly related to the agreement or transaction, except as a result of GMS, its partners, directors, officers, employees or agents Negligence or intentional misleading. 7.2 The client shall be liable for all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, expenses (including reasonable attorney fees), and acknowledge GMS, GMS partners, directors, supervisors, employees, agents, heirs and nominees (collectively " Compensator ") assumes no responsibility. These situations include: any liability for any of the above losses caused by the client's default and all liabilities related to it under this agreement, and / or GMS's execution of all rights under this agreement. 7.3 The client acknowledges and agrees that any oral information given about the account is unconfirmed and incomplete, and the client is solely responsible if he believes this information. GMS does not make any express or implied guarantees on the quotes or trading platforms or other information provided by it that reflects the true situation of the market. In addition, GMS does not guarantee the trading platform and / or related content, including but not limited to commercial purposes or otherwise. GMS will not be responsible for errors in customer account balance caused by errors in quotes due to GMS errors or improper computer or system operation (the customer already knows or should have been clear). GMS reserves the right to make suitable modifications or adjustments to this. Any disputes arising from such an incorrect offer will be resolved on the basis of the reasonable market value of such products at the time of the error. 7.4 GMS shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or expense of any nature directly or indirectly beyond the control of GMS caused by the customer including but not limited to any technical reasons (for example, but not limited to damage to computer systems, or Some or all of the data or records are delayed, lost, incorrect or omitted due to improper computer equipment or software pipelines, which makes GMS unable to conduct transactions or conduct improper transactions, unless the error is caused by GMS's deliberate or negligent duties. 8. Event of Default 8.1 In the event of a breach listed in 8.1 (a) or 8.1 (d) to (j) below, GMS will enforce its rights in accordance with clause 9.1. In the event of clause 8.1 (b) or 8.1 (c) ("Bankruptcy Default"), GMS will enforce Clause 9.2. (a) the client (i) fails to pay when the payment is due (including, but not limited to, the payment of a margin call notification request) or (ii) 2 working days after the GMS makes a notice of inaction to the client Have not complied with the terms or transactions of the agreement; or (b) the client commences voluntary litigation or other proceedings to seek or plan for the client under any bankruptcy, insolvency, supervision, supervision, or similar law (including any company or other law that may apply to the client if it goes bankrupt) Or client debts for liquidation, reorganization, arrangement or settlement, freezing or deferred payment, or other similar relief, or seeking any substantial portion of client or client assets to appoint a custodian, receiver, liquidator, guardian, administrator, bankruptcy officer Or other similar official (both referred to as the "Official Receiver"), or seeking to appoint an Official Receiver for any substantial part of a client or client's assets, or (c) commence involuntary litigation or other proceedings against the client to seek or plan under any bankruptcy, insolvency, supervision, supervision, or similar law (including any company or other law that may apply to the client if it goes bankrupt) Liquidating, restructuring, arranging or reconciling client, client debt, freezing or deferred payments, or other similar remedies, or seeking the client or any substantial part of the client's assets to appoint an insolvency administrator, or (d) The client dies and becomes mentally impaired, unable to repay the debt as scheduled, or is bankrupt or insolvent as defined by the Bankruptcy Law and Insolvency Law, or fails to repay the debt at maturity, or fails to prove An agreement or document for which such debts are due and payable, any time that such debts are due or payable, or for enforcement, seizure, or seizure, or the owner of any other right owns all or any part of the property, business, or assets (Intangible and tangible assets), commence any litigation, prosecution or other legal process (hereinafter referred to as "legal process") relating to these Terms of Business or (E) any statement or warranty made or given or deemed to be made or given by the client under the terms of the agreement is proved to be untrue, wrong, or material in any material respect when made or given or deemed to be made or given Misunderstood information, or (F) all information and / or documents provided by the client to GMS shall be true, accurate and complete in nature, and copies of all documents shall be copies of the originals; or (G) GMS considers it necessary or worthwhile to prevent a standard of good that is deemed or likely to violate any law, applicable rule, or market practice; or (H) GMS considers it to be for its own protection; or (I) something that GMS believes is necessary or worthwhile for the protection or any action taken by our company, or that the company believes may have a significant adverse effect on the performance of any of the obligations of the customer under the terms of this agreement; or (J) any event of default described in any other agreement with the client and GMS or GMS partners. 8.2 In the event of a breach of contract or after GMS considers that the customer will not perform (or GMS has reason to believe that the customer does not have such ability or will not in the future) GMS's commitment to GMS, GMS reserves the right to The following actions are taken: (A) In order to pay, reduce or eliminate the company's loss or liability under any contract, position or acknowledgement of the client, cancel, replace or cancel any transaction, buy, sell, lend or borrow or sign any other transaction , Or other actions taken or prohibited by GMS at such times as it deems necessary or appropriate; and (B) Treat any or all transactions that were outstanding at the time as having been refused by the customer, in which case GMS 'obligations under such transactions shall be cancelled and terminated. 8.3 Without prejudice to clause 8.2, except for the default situation of bankruptcy default accident, if any transactions conducted under this account are based on non-public information, it will be subject to market information or data and any other In the event of misuse or other inappropriate behavior, GMS reserves the right to close, replace or cancel any transaction or close the account at its discretion. 9. Termination of Default 9.1 Notice Termination Without prejudice to Clause 8.2, GMS will notify the customer of a specific "liquidation date" in accordance with Clause 9.2 in the event of any breach of contract and liquidation shall be conducted in accordance with Clause 9.3. 9.2. Automatic termination Unless otherwise instructed by GMS, the date of the occurrence of any bankruptcy default will automatically be deemed to be the liquidation date (referred to as "automatic termination"), in which case GMS will not be required to inform the client and enforce clause 9.3. 9.3. Calculation of liquidation number Once the liquidation date is determined, (a) GMS and the client must continue to pay for any transaction before and after the settlement date, and fulfill the obligation to clear the amount by settlement (such as payment, offset or otherwise). (b) GMS shall determine a reasonable discount as soon as possible (within the liquidation date or within a reasonable time) in respect of the transactions related to this clause [9.3 (a)]. Profits shall be expressed in the account base currency (hereinafter referred to as the "base currency") (and, if appropriate, including any transaction losses, financing costs, or non-recurring calculations due to termination, liquidation, acquisition, execution or re-establishment of hedges or Costs, losses, or possible gains incurred in connection with the relevant trading position); and (c) GMS defines each loss and expense as a positive value as described above, defines each gain as a negative value, and adds all the numbers to a positive or negative value, which is denominated in the base currency ("Liquidation Number"). 9.4 Payer If the liquidation amount obtained in accordance with Clause 9.3 is positive, then the customer shall pay GMS; if it is negative, GMS shall pay the customer. When this amount is cleared, GMS shall notify the customer of the amount of the payment and who the payer is as soon as possible. 9.5 Other transactions When termination and liquidation occurs in accordance with Clause 9.3, GMS reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or liquidate any other open positions in accordance with Clause 9.3. 9.6 Payment According to Article 9.3, the settlement amount will be paid in the form of base currency at the close of the trading day (can be converted into other currencies as required, the cost of the conversion will be borne by the customer and (if applicable) will be deducted from the customer's payment). Any settlement amount that has not been settled on the settlement date will be considered unpaid and will accrue interest. Interest will accrue on a daily basis and will be paid by the customer. 9.7 Base currency When calculating the number of liquidations, GMS may convert it to other base currencies, and the exchange rate will be based on the day of calculation. 9.8 Payment GMS will not be obliged to make any payment or delivery under any transaction, unless the settlement date has occurred or has been effectively confirmed, in the event that a customer-related default event has occurred and continues. 9.9 additional rights The rights of GMS under this clause are not restricted and excluded by other rights (agreement, legal operation or other) of GMS, and they are complementary. 9.10 Use of Netting As of the effective date of this agreement, clause 9 applies to every transaction between GMS and the customer. 9.11 Liquidation Unless otherwise specified in writing, if GMS closes an existing transaction with a customer, the respective obligations of the two parties arising from the transaction are automatically terminated at the beginning of the second transaction, except when related Liquidation amount. 10. Termination notice 10.1 Subject to any use laws or regulations, either party may terminate the agreement (and the relationship between GMS and the customer) by written notice. 10.2 If the Client refuses to comply with or enforce any of the provisions of this Agreement or if the Client does not have the ability to repay or other breaches occur, GMS will have the right to terminate the Agreement at any time in accordance with Clause 8.2 or Clause 9. 10.3 Upon termination of this agreement, all customer payables to GMS shall be executed immediately, including but not limited to: (A) all unpaid fees, and (B) any loss or expense incurred during the closing of the transaction or settlement, or unpaid obligations arising from the liquidation of the GMS, including but not limited to the right to implement Article 8.2 and / or Article 9. 10.4 Termination shall not affect unrealized powers and obligations and transactions that were still governed by the terms of this Agreement at the time, as well as the special terms agreed by GMS and the Client in respect of such transactions, until all obligations have been fulfilled. 11. Provisions 11.1 Client funds (a) We define you as a retail customer. Therefore, in accordance with Articles 11.1 (b) and 11.1 (c), we need to place an amount equal to your total net worth (as shown on the platform) in the customer funds account . We will hold your funds in a licensed customer bank account, separate from our funds. The funds may be placed in the client's account together with the funds of other clients. This means that in the event of a default in a customer's bank account held by the bank, any difference in the funds pool of this public account will be prorated between you and other customers. (b) Every working day we need to settle the funds of the customer's bank account and our own account. Any money that needs to be paid to or deducted from your account will be made on the next working day. We can make such settlements and remittances frequently to protect us or your interests. (c) If you do not hold any orders, have not conducted any transactions in the past 6 years, and we are unable to contact you, you agree that we may terminate your funds as customer funds and transfer them from the customer funds account go. The funds still belong to you, and based on this clause, we will keep a record of all the balances from the client's funds bank account in case you want to request the balance to be published in the future. (d) In accordance with Clause 11.1 (a), 11.1 (b) or 11.1 (c), we will not pay interest on your client funds. 11.2 Order execution 11.2.1 Clause 11.2 specifies the best execution method GMS provides for customer orders. GMS will strive to provide customers with competitive and high-quality execution capabilities. 11.2.2 The quotations that we provide to customers who choose to conduct transactions into the trading platform come from a group of independent information providers recognized by GMS. GMS continues to process the quotation information provided by different providers and sends it to the trading platform after confirmation, and adjusts the price according to market conditions to provide customers with appropriate spreads. 11.2.3 The price displayed on the trading platform and the price at which the customer is trading are described in Clause 11.2.2. These quotes are different from those offered by other data sources or information providers. 11.2.4 Any foreign exchange spot or CFD spot transaction that has not been closed at 4:00 pm EST will be rolled out, and adjustments will be made to the interest rate difference, transaction direction and other fees of the relevant currency pair. 11.2.5 Fund liquidity may affect order execution. When a customer places a large number of orders, an imbalance or backlog of orders may occur, so more time is required to execute the order. The number and size of orders, the speed of current quotes and information about the most recent purchases and sales, and restrictions on system capacity can cause delayed execution of orders. 11.2.6 GMS generally measures the overall quality of executed orders. 11.3 Conflicts of interest 11.3.1 In order to avoid conflicts and to enhance customer confidence, GMS implements a conflict of interest policy, including procedures and the following controls: (A) Avoid conflicts of interest, including refusal to execute actions or orders when necessary; and (B) Carry out its business activities in order to best ensure the interests of GMS customers; and keep confidential the information of activities that may cause conflicts of interest. 11.3.2 Carry out its business activities in order to best ensure the interests of GMS customers; and keep confidential the information of activities that may cause conflicts of interest. 11.3.3 GMS is under no obligation to disclose the material interests of a GMS or GMS partner or any other person related to GMS in a particular transaction, or to disclose any conflicts of interest that may exist in a particular situation because GMS has Reasons believes that it can handle these conflicts and believes that it can prevent the actions that harm customers' interests. GMS is under no obligation to explain to the client any benefits, commissions or remuneration received. 11.4 Data protection (A) The customer hereby agrees that GMS may use, store or process the personal information provided by the customer in connection with the account, and agree to transmit the customer information. (B) The customer agrees that GMS will pass the customer information to other companies within GMS Software Group or other companies that help GMS process / analyze the information. If the customer does not consent to the use of personal information for these purposes, GMS must be notified in writing. (C) The client agrees that GMS will use its personal information for market and information management, market research or for internal use by the group to better serve the client. If customers do not want their personal information to be used for these purposes, they must notify GMS in writing. 11.5 Complaints (A) The customer can inform GMS of the complaint or objection as soon as possible, as this will help GMS better solve the problem. (B) Any complaint or objection should be reflected to the GMS customer service team as soon as possible, please send an email to [email protected] If you are not satisfied with the resolution of our objection, you can write to the legal department of GMS. 12. Statements and warranties When a client participates in a transaction, or every time an order is created, or gives any instructions, the client states to GMS and warrants that: (a) at the time of signing this agreement, the client has read and understood the risk warning notices and the representations and warranties in clause 12; (b) The information and documents provided by the Client to GMS are true, accurate and complete. If there is any change, the customer must notify GMS immediately; (c) the client is authorized to participate in and execute the agreement and all transactions below; (d) participating in the agreement, establishing an order, or executing a transaction or giving other instructions will not violate the laws, regulations, rules, agreements, obligations, or policies applicable to the customer; (e) The client understands and accepts that he is responsible for the transaction based on his investment objectives and experience and is responsible for personal taxation. (f) The client is of sound spirit and has legal ability to execute full spot foreign exchange and CFD spot transactions through the trading platform or account provided by GMS; (g) the client (if not a natural person) is subject to the laws of its organization or corporate body, is duly authorized and legally exists; and has officially passed its organizational documents and legal requirements, may be able to execute the agreement or participate in the transaction; Individuals who give agreement or give instructions related to transactions also need to be authorized. (h) The customer is the sole ultimate beneficiary of all deposits in the account, others do not enjoy any interest on the account. The client promises and accepts that he shall not transfer funds or benefits in the account to a third party; (i) all funds deposited into the account are from legitimate sources and have nothing to do with any illegal or criminal activity; (j) The client is ready and financially able to bear the risks and losses arising from trading in foreign exchange spot and CFDs. In addition, if the client violates Article 12, GMS has the right to modify any position held by the client, whether it is an open position or a previously closed position, withdraw and close any one at the current market price at any time. Or all positions. 13. Use of the Internet, Software and Computers You understand and promise the following: (a) Generally, the Internet can be trusted, but technical issues and other conditions may prevent you from logging on to the trading platform. (b) With the use of the Internet, users may experience problems with the structure of the Internet and other Internet-related equipment. (c) You are responsible for all unauthorized password use on your personal computer and methods other than the protection of information use. (d) The login password of the trading platform is secret. It belongs to you and cannot be leaked. You are solely responsible for the use and storage of your password, including, but not limited to, your responsibility to protect it from damage, not to disclose your password to others, whether for commission or inaction, and / or inappropriate storage To. (e) You hereby agree and promise that you should immediately report to GMS as soon as an unauthorized individual logs into your account and / or any violation of privacy and security of the trading platform occurs. (f) GMS is not responsible for any technical problems, system failures or disruptions, traffic line failures, equipment or software failures or inactions, system login issues, system capacity issues, high-volume Internet traffic needs, security failures, unauthorized logins, and other computers Responsible for the problem. (g) GMS makes no representation that you can log in and use the trading platform at any time and place, or that the trading platform is functioning normally, or that the trading platform can always provide uninterrupted and error-free services, Guarantee or guarantee. (h) GMS is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by other users using your account, whether you know it or not. (i) Use of the GMS website, trading platform and the information provided by GMS is solely your responsibility, and you hereby confirm that you fully understand the risks posed by the information services received by Cong Internet. (j) GMS may provide you with software equipment such as trailing stops and / or automated trading. The use of this equipment is selective. You understand that GMS does not recommend or support this automated trading software and is subject to Article 13 (f). (k) Cookies policy GMS takes your privacy seriously, and we are committed to providing you with the information and tools needed to manage your cookies. We may install cookies for important features of our website and the trading platform on your device. Disabling these will prevent you from accessing our trading platform and other important parts of the website. These cookies help you get to the information you need faster, and also allow us to tailor the content of our website to your needs. We may use cookies to help identify your computer to track website usage and modify your user experience. We recommend that you enable "Accept Cookies" so that you can enjoy all the functions and services on our website. By doing so, you also agree that we will share your personal information with third parties (for the above purposes). We may use this information for analysis to improve our products and services. In addition, GMS may use external service providers to track the traffic and usage of our website. 14 Entire Agreement and Amendments 14.1 This agreement and any documents mentioned herein constitute the entirety of this agreement and supersede any previous agreements. 14.2 GMS may modify the agreement (notifying part of the agreement during a specific period) without notice to you. In order not to violate clause 4, any changes to the margin ratio or enforcement policy will be implemented immediately. Other amendments will take effect from the date specified in the notice, and shall not exceed 10 working days from the date the notice is sent. This agreement may not be modified except in writing or electronically by a GMS authorized individual. 15. Distribution GMS may assign its rights and / or obligations under this agreement without prior notice to you. You may not assign rights and / or obligations unless prior written consent has been obtained from GMS. 16. Severability If any terms of the agreement or terms applicable to a transaction, person or situation become invalid and become illegal or unenforceable, the remaining terms of the agreement will remain unaffected and still be enforced to the fullest extent within the scope of the law. 17. Communication The reports and any notices covered by this agreement will be sent from time to time to the address or email address you provided to GMS. If notifications are sent by email, fax, manual delivery, or by the trading platform, these notifications are deemed to have been successfully delivered when sent; if sent by mail, they are considered to have been successfully delivered within three working days. The communication you send will only be considered successfully delivered after it has been successfully received by GMS. 18. Phone calls and recordings 18.1 You understand and agree that any and all telephone calls between you and GMS may be recorded in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, and in the event of an objection between you and GMS, these recordings will be used as evidence of the conversation. 18.2 You understand that GMS will retain these recordings for a period of time in accordance with the latest document retention policy. 18.3 We strongly recommend that you keep a record of all communications with us, including the time, date, and nature of your instructions. If there is an objection between you and us, these details will be very important. 19. Law and jurisdiction 19.1 The agreement and any disputes and claims (including non-contractual disputes and claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with local laws. 19.2 Both GMS and you hereby agree that the court has non-exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes or claims arising from this agreement or the exchange, and that both GMS and you submit to the jurisdiction of the local courts, you need to understand and agree that GMS can The district makes any amount of compensation to the customer.