Payment Site
*payment method:
Wire transfer payment process:
first step: Automatically match USDT acceptors
The second step: Purchase USDT virtual currency from remittances of matching acceptor bank information
third step: Wait for the acceptor to release the USDT virtual currency after receiving the money (if the account is not received for a long time, please contact customer service in time to provide a screenshot of bank transfer for inquiry)
the fourth step: After successful purchase of the virtual currency, the system will automatically recharge into your trading account       
Dear customer, thank you for your trust and support for this platform. This platform uses the USDT virtual currency method to deposit funds. That is, you can confirm the deposit by clicking below to automatically match the USDT, the most active digital currency trading platform in the world with the platform. The acceptor purchases USDT virtual currency. After the purchase is successful, the platform will automatically recharge you into your trading account.
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